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Benefits of Cinareo

Taking the guesswork out of capacity planning

Cinareo lets you easily and quickly integrate all necessary data and analyze different scenarios to help optimize staffing levels, improve service delivery, and make more informed decisions.

Using Cinareo for capacity planning offers several benefits over using manual spreadsheets.

Take a look at some of the advantages of using Cinareo:

Ensures accurate results

Cinareo is designed to:

  • handle complex calculations and scenarios with precision, reduce the chances of human error

  • ensure accurate capacity calculations with automated algorithms and built-in formulas

  • help you to make data-driven decisions


Cinareo speeds up the capacity planning process, enabling you to generate detailed resource plans and budgets, and analyze scenarios more efficiently than manual methods.

Compares scenarios easily

Cinareo allows you to:

  • create hypothetical scenarios by adjusting variables such as work volumes, average handle time, attrition rates and shrinkage factors

  • calculate the impact on service levels, agent requirements, and costs


This capability helps you identify optimal staffing strategies, evaluate the feasibility of different scenarios, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

Delivers KPI insights

Cinareo provides insights into the key performance indicators that matter most to operations & finance management, such as:

  • Cost per contact per channel

  • Annual service level by queue/skill/channel

  • Contact center staffing budget

Measuring capacity planning performance has never been so simple.

All with the click of a button.

Easy-to-use & understand

Cinareo incorporates a user-friendly wizard to guide you to enter all the data necessary to build capacity plans including:


  • historical work volumes by channel, queue, or skill

  • average handle time AND new hire learning curve

  • shrinkage factors and attrition


It enables you to make more accurate forecasts and plan capacity based on reliable data.

Scales to your business

Cinareo provides the flexibility to scale capacity planning as your contact center grows. Cinareo allows you to:

  • model different scenarios

  • simulate the impact of staffing changes

  • analyze the effects on service levels, costs, and agent productivity

You can easily adjust staffing requirements, incorporate new contact channels & accommodate changes in business needs.

Improves collaboration

Cinareo facilitates collaboration among different teams involved in capacity planning, such as finance, operations, and human resources. It enables:

  • sharing and access to up-to-date information

  • simplified communication about staffing requirements

  • streamlined approval processes for recruitment and training of new hires

  • instant visuals for reports and presentations


This promotes better coordination and alignment across departments, leading to more effective capacity planning.

By leveraging the advantages of Cinareo, you can enhance your capacity planning processes and contribute to the overall success of your contact center.

What are you waiting for?

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