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Brand Guide

Our company's legal name is Cinareo Solutions Inc, operating and trade marked names is Cinareo. 

Brand taglines:

  • Workforce insights

  • Plan quickly. Plan easily. Plan often

Product category:

  • Call center workforce management software

  • Capacity planning software

Organization details:



Cinareo logo color.png

Primary logo
The primary logo ends with a graphic in the letter "o," featuring a pointer facing upwards to symbolize growth. It is essential that our logo remains legible and recognizable. Always present the logo intact and unaltered whenever possible.

Inverted logo

Use the inverted logo in situations where the primary logo cannot be displayed legibly on dark or black backgrounds.


Logos: Icon variations

Logo Icons

The icon of the logo is used to represent Cinareo's branding style. It can be used as graphic image on documents, media and more.

Icon in colour: Used on light backgrounds. Download

Icon in grey scale: Used when greyscale is dominant. Download

Icon in white & blue: Used on dark background. Download.



Primary colors:

Hex: #33366

Hex: #F2F2F2

Hex: #9ABAE3

Secondary colors:

Hex:  #BFD2FF

Hex: #DFE8FF

Hex: #9DBCE4

Hex: #0000FF

Hex: #050A30



Font used in website and branding materials

  • Avenir Next LT: download font

  • Mangal Pro: Microsoft Font – Default in MS office


Image stylings

  • Color Consistency: Use Cinareo’s primary and secondary colors.

  • Professional Quality: High-quality, professional images.

  • Subtle Branding: Integrate branded graphics and icons.

  • Engagement: Images of people in professional settings.

  • Data Visualization: Clean, simple charts and graphs using brand colors.

Image stylings_edited.jpg



  • Consistent Colors: Use primary brand colors.

  • Simple Design: Clear and recognizable icons.

  • Uniform Style: Consistent design style for all icons.

  • Proper Spacing: Consistent spacing and alignment.

  • Clear Functionality: Icons should clearly represent their purpose.

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