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Cinareo’s latest thought leadership paper "Mastering the Art of Capacity Planning in Multi-Channel, Multi-Skill Contact Centers". Read more

Plan quickly. 
Plan easily. 

Plan often.

Cinareo is a step-by-step wizard that creates an optimal capacity plan and operating budget for your contact center - along with a Recruitment and Training Planner, too!


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Step-by-step wizard

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Cinareo complements existing workforce management platforms.


Short to long-range planning

Provides multi-skilled contact centers and back-office operations from 1 week and up to 3 years of advance planning.

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Cinareo will let you quickly determine ways you can avoid layoffs, maintain your service levels and absorb any budget cuts to still meet customer demand.


Cinareo will optimize the number of agents and support staff needed to meet your customer demand and provide options to keep within your budget.


Cinareo will help you improve productivity and boost agent performance to reduce turnover and tell you the costs of hiring ahead of attrition.

What our customers say

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Alexa Young, CA

  • How does Cinareo handle data security and privacy?
    Cinareo takes data security and privacy very seriously. We comply with all relevant regulations and implement industry-standard security measures to protect your data. Our platform is regularly audited and updated to ensure the highest levels of security.
  • Are there any alternatives to a free trial for evaluating Cinareo?
    In addition to demos, we offer case studies, whitepapers, and customer testimonials to give you insights into how Cinareo has helped other organizations. Contact our sales team for more information.
  • What industries can benefit from Cinareo's solutions?
    While Cinareo primarily focuses on contact centers and BPOs, our solutions are versatile and can be adapted to various industries that require robust capacity planning and workforce management, such as customer support, healthcare, and financial services.
  • Can Cinareo integrate with our existing systems?
    Yes, Cinareo is designed to integrate with a variety of contact center technologies, including Genesys. Our team works closely with clients to ensure smooth integration and minimal disruption to existing operations.
  • How does Cinareo differ from other capacity planning solutions?
    Cinareo leverages advanced AI and machine learning to provide accurate and dynamic capacity planning. Our solutions are designed to adapt to the unique needs of contact centers, offering real-time insights and predictive analytics to optimize workforce efficiency.
  • Does Cinareo offer a free trial period?
    Currently, Cinareo does not offer a free trial period. We provide detailed demonstrations and consultations to help you understand the benefits of our platform before making a commitment.
  • How many scenarios can I create within Cinareo?
    Cinareo allows you to create unlimited scenarios to test different capacity planning strategies.
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No more formulas to worry about or complex calculations to figure out. It is all done for you.

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