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Optimize Your Workforce

Effortless Capacity Planning for Your Contact Center. Short- to long-range planning with Cinareo from a week to 3 years in advance.

Planning made easy for you.

Achieve precision in your contact center workforce management with Cinareo’s capacity planning solution. Our intuitive, wizard-based interface simplifies the complexities of capacity planning, ensuring you have the right number of agents to meet service level objectives and maximize productivity.

Provides multi-skilled contact centers and back-office operations with up to 3 years of advance planning
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Accurate Forecasting

Use advanced algorithms to predict staffing needs across multiple channels, including calls, chat, email, and social media.

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User-friendly Interface

A step-by-step, guided tool that makes it simple for any skill level to build comprehensive capacity plans.

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Scenario Modeling

Easily create and compare different staffing scenarios to determine the ideal resource model and make collective informed decisions.

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Multi-channel Support


Plan for diverse interactions channels such as inbound and outbound calls, cat, email, SMS, social media and in-person interactions.

Discover the benefits of capacity planning with Cinareo

Reduce Costs

Avoid the financial pitfalls of overstaffing and understaffing by accurately predicting staffing needs.


Save Time

Drastically cut down the time required for capacity planning, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.


Improve Productivity

Ensure agents are optimally allocated to meet demand, leading to higher productivity and better service levels.

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Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Constantly meet service level objectives, improving the overall customer experience.

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