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Cinareo User Guide

Your guide to capacity planning and financial analysis

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1.      Capacity plans are quickly built using the easy-to-follow guided wizard as shown in Chart 2.

Chart 2: Cinareo Guided Wizard

2.      Each step enables users to copy data from one queue to another as may be applicable (e.g., shrinkage factors that are consistent across other queues) or to clear data from all cells in a given step.

3.      Once data is entered into all required fields for a given queue, click “Save” to store the data in Cinareo.


4.      Repeat data entry for each queue created in each step, remembering to click “Save” once entered.


5.      All data fields must be entered to proceed to the next step. Failure to enter data will result in a Yield icon beside the queue name. Enter “0” if there is no volume or other data for a given month.

6.      Then, click “Next” to move to the next Step or “Previous” to move back one step.

7.      Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. Cinareo will not allow you to move to the next step until all fields are populated with a data.

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