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Cinareo User Guide

Your guide to capacity planning and financial analysis

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Step 1 of 10: Create Queues

1.      Select work type from the drop-down box including:

·        Inbound calls

·        Outbound calls

·        Email

·        Chat

·        SMS

·        Social

·        Letter mail

·        Fax

·        Work items

·        Other (e.g., in-person, video)


2.      Select Work time constraint:


Work is considered either non-deferrable or deferrable:


·        Non-deferrable work (work that required immediate attention. E.g., calls, chat). Work that is non-deferrable will require the selection of an appropriate service level (percent of calls answered within Y seconds)

·        Deferrable work (work that can be deferred to another interval. E.g., letter mail, case work items). Work that is considered deferrable will use a productivity factor entered by the user.


Note: You many select non-deferrable or deferrable for any work type, however, note that in Step 2, a service level objective input fields will be presented for each queue that is identified as non-deferable, whereas a productivity factor input field will be presented for each queue identified as deferrable.

3.      Once the work type and work time constraint has been selected for the first queue, click “Save Queue”.

4.      To add additional queues, repeat steps 1 to 3. When finished click “Next” to move to Step 2.

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