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Step 10 of 10 – Review

Model Output and Scenarios


Creating different scenarios is important in analyzing contact center plans. Cinareo is a powerful tool that allows its users to create different "What-If" scenarios to see how certain metrics are affected by varying one or more input variables. Different data tables are created to show the outcomes, providing the user with a better understanding of how the contact center would operate under different conditions or assumptions.

When you run your initial capacity plan, you will be presented with a baseline forecast and be presented with a summary view of your weekly or monthly plan.

A scenario is an integrated staffing plan and budget for the contact center network over a period of time (weeks, months or years). You can create up to five scenarios for each plan.

You can select the button ADD A SCENARIO and the system will duplicate the baseline plan so you can start modifying data to see the impact.

Additional scenarios can be added using the Duplicate plan function under my plans.

Editing a scenario

Scenarios can be edited by clicking on any editable cell in the grids or clicking the Edit link in each scenario and entering latest information, such as new call volumes, handle times, attrition rates, or number of new hires.

Renaming a scenario and adding notes

By selecting the EDIT icon next to the scenario name, you will be able to modify/rename the scenario as well as add specific notes or details.

Switching a scenario

By selecting “Switch”, you can have the scenario become the new baseline.  The old baseline will still be available, but will be shown as a scenario.  All notes will be transferred along with the scenario as well.

You can also view a Monthly or Weekly Report

You can also view a Daily Report

Reports can be exported to Excel or printed to PDF.

Training and Recruitment Planner

If you are building 12, 24, or 36 month plans, you can also build a training and recruitment plan as well.  You can create a training plan based on any of your scenarios.

Once you create a baseline forecast, you can select the Training & Recruitment tab to see a view of a training planner where you will be asked to fill in some additional details, including:

1.      Desired scenario

2.      Desired queue/skill

3.      Training length (in weeks)

4.      Forecasted graduation rate

5.      Class size

6.      Recruiting lead time.

After you select UPDATE, you will be able to view the number of new hires you need on a month-to-month basis for each queue/skill, along with the date recruitment should commence, when the training class should start, and how many trainers you will need.

You can select VIEW SUMMARY to see the total of new hires required over all queues.

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