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Step 3 of 10: Average Handle/Processing Time – Tenured Agents

Average Handle Time for fully proficient tenured agents

Organizations often fail to define the AHT for fully proficient tenured agents and, in many cases, use a proficiency or maturity factor that does not provide the level of granularity for new hire learning curve. As a result, the focus is generally on trending AHT from the last 3 months or year, rather than on the potential for change during the planning horizon.

Calculate the tenured agent AHT or Processing time:

One method for calculating the target AHT for fully proficient agents is to prepare a quartile analysis of the agents with greater than one year of employment in the contact centre. Many organizations either take the mean (average) or the median as the AHT target; while some remove the employees in the fourth quartile (those well below the mean) and reset the target at the mean or median of the top 3 quartiles.

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