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Step 5 of 10: Shrinkage

Shrinkage factors must be applied to the number of productive staff calculated by Cinareo to include projected non-productive time.

Organizations often miss some key shrinkage factors and wonder why they end up being understaffed throughout or during key times of the year. Shrinkage, which includes vacation, sick time, short- and long-term disability, paid breaks, coaching, training, meetings, etc, must be applied to the net staffing requirement to understand the total staffing requirement. Cinareo accommodates the use of shrinkage factors to ‘gross up’ resources to the required level. 

Shrinkage is entered as a percent for each of the identified shrinkage factors in the table. Shrinkage factors generally have some seasonality and vary by month. Therefore, it is important to track, trend and forecast shrinkage just as you would do for call volumes.

For shrinkage factors that are not applicable, enter 0.

For additional factors, click on “Add another shrinkage factor” link and enter the shrinkage factor name (e.g., Acting).

Click “Save” to lock in the data entries.

Click “Next” to go to the next step.

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