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Step 7 of 10: Working Days in a Month

Working Days in a Month

Enter the number of working days in a month. If open 7 days a week, enter the number of calendar days in the month. If open Monday to Friday only, Cinareo provides you with a tip on the number of Monday-Fridays in the month to enter.  If the optional Work Arrival Pattern was used in Step 2, the number of working days in the week or month will be automatically calculated and you will not be able to edit them at this step.

Agent work hours/day

Enter the number of paid work hours per day (e.g., 7.5 or 8 hours). Exclude unpaid lunch breaks.

Scheduling Interval

Enter the typical scheduling interval used for forecasting (e.g., 15, 30, or 60 minutes), if not selected in Step 2 Work Arrival Pattern

Average Daily Operating Hours

Enter the average number of hours per day the queue/skill is open to clients. This will not be required if the Work Arrival Pattern was used in Step 2

Part-time agent hours

Enter the % of total hours for agents that work part-time. 0% indicates that all your agents are full-time.  If you have no part-time agents, leave this section empty.


Click “Save” to lock in the data entries.

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