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Step 9 of 10: Staff Salaries and Overtime Costs (optional)

Staff Salaries

Calculating staff salaries is an optional step in capacity planning. You can click “Next” to move to Step 10 or enter the required data to see a financial analysis in the final report.

Overtime Costs

Enter the forecasted amount of overtime expected as a percentage of total paid hours.

Overtime premium multiplier

Enter the overtime wage premium multiplier that is generally paid for work done on overtime (e.g., 1.5 or 2 times the regular wage).

Training Length - Hiring Ahead of attrition.

Hiring Ahead of Attrition refers to the recruitment of staff in advance of forecasted attrition to mitigate loss of resource capacity within front‐ and back‐office operations. The learning process consists of a classroom training period, post-training monitoring (PTM), and a learning curve with defined durations for each component of the process. The length of classroom training and PTM is taken into consideration when calculating the cost of Hiring Ahead of Attrition (agent salary number of in‐class training weeks number of new hire agents). New hires in training are generally not considered productive agents for labor time accounting purposes; however, the costs of new hires during their training period is captured and segmented from production labor costs in the hiring‐ahead‐of‐attrition budget.

Enter the length of new hire training for each queue in weeks. If agents only require upskilling for a specific queue (i.e., have already received core training before getting specialized training), enter the incremental training length in weeks.

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