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Cinareo User Guide

Your guide to capacity planning and financial analysis

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Login screen / Welcome Screen

Creating a new plan

  1. To create a new plan, enter the plan name that is descriptive of the department or line(s) of business.

  2. Click the calendar icon to select the start date of the plan. This date will be used as the starting point for your capacity plan.

  3. Select either a Weekly or Monthly plan.  If you choose weekly, you can plan from anywhere between 1-52 weeks.  Or if you choose monthly, you can select the plan length of 12, 24 or 36 months.

  4. Click Create Plan to save the start date and plan name to proceed to Step 1.

For users of Genesys ONLY

You can import your Genesys forecast into Cinareo to pre-populate your capacity plan.

Check the “Import” box and then select “CREATE NEW PLAN”

Select your Business Unit and find the forecast you wish to import.  Check the desired forecast, and then select IMPORT.  The data from your forecast will be automatically imported into Cinareo to help with the creation of your capacity plan.

Accessing a saved plan

If you want to access a previous plan, select the plan name to walk through each of the wizard steps.

You can also click on the three dots to the left of any plan name:

The following options are available: 

  1. View final report: only available if the plan has been completed.

  2. Duplicate: this will copy the plan and ask you to provide a new, unique name for the copied plan

  3. Delete:  selecting this option will delete your plan permanently from your list and will no longer be accessible to you or anyone else in your organization.

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