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What is your workforce management maturity?

We offer 2 options for an assessment and report of your workforce management (WFM) maturity:


1. WFM Capacity Planning Snapshot

2. WFM Audit and Maturity Assessment


WFM Capacity Planning Snapshot

This snapshot includes:

  • A one-hour consultation with Mark Alpern, a WFM professional with over 25 years of experience optimizing contact centre operations

  • A high-level report of your organization's WFM maturity, including feedback on:

  1. Capacity planning methodology - strategic vs tactical planning

  2. Historical data utilization

  3. Scope and frequency

  4. Resource mix / multi-skilling

  5. Support staff (i.e. Trainers, QA, WFM, Supervisors, Managers)

  6. Financial analysis

  7. Recruitment and training planning



This snapshot will measure your current level of WFM maturity based on industry leading practices and identify recommended areas of growth to increase your profitability, optimize staffing, while improving customer satisfaction.

Our Workforce Management Snapshot is focused on the capacity planning process. Capacity planning is the process of determining the front- and back-office resources needed to meet customer demand for services while maintaining service levels and optimizing operational costs. It is about ensuring that the contact center has enough staff, technology, and infrastructure to handle the expected volume of work at any given time.

Our WFM Capacity Planning Snapshot can help contact centers identify potential issues with:

  • Data integrity

  • Agent and support staff levels

  • Budgeting

  • Scenario modeling



WFM Audit and Maturity Assessment


This audit includes:

  • Up to 15 hours of personal consultation with Mark Alpern, a WFM professional with over 25 years of experience optimizing contact centre operations.  This consultation will span a 2-week period and will be scheduled based on your availability

  • A personalized workforce management audit report that provides detailed feedback on:

  1. Long-term and short-term forecasting, planning and budgeting

  2. Scheduling

  3. Real-time intraday management

  4. Managing WFM core processes and tools

  5. Measuring and achieving KPIs

  6. Improving WFM organization effectiveness

  • A one-hour review session to walk through the report and discuss recommendations for key areas of growth and maturity

  • A one-month license to Cinareo to help your organization improve capacity planning performance and maximize productivity




Our comprehensive end-to-end audit of current state Workforce Management is designed to outline where the organization stands compared to industry best practices. Detailed recommendations are provided for the key areas of Workforce Management related to people, process, and technology.


Our Workforce Management Audit can help Contact Centers address a variety of challenges, including:

  • Anticipating staffing needs and planning to meet them.

  • Rising cost per contact.

  • Growth strategies.

  • Concerns regarding WFM metrics, best practices, calculations, or standards.

  • Sizing and calculating ROI for digitalization initiatives.

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