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2024 Cinareo Product Roadmap

The Cinareo team is continuing to meet with clients and industry experts to determine how to improve Cinareo to better meet the needs of workforce planners, financial analysts and HR personnel.

Your valuable feedback is helping to drive enhancements to the software in order to ensure the most important features and functionalities are prioritized to better help contact centers with their capacity planning, budgeting, and recruitment challenges.

Cinareo provides you with a simple and effective way to do capacity planning and financial analysis using a step-by-step wizard. We have a 12-month product roadmap of improvements for 2024 so that you can benefit from features that make capacity planning easier and more cost-effective!

Here are 4 of the key enhancements within our 2024 roadmap:

1. Integrations with CCaaS and workforce management platforms

There are many workforce management platforms on the market, but there are significant gaps in regards to capacity planning. Cinareo is working on building partnerships and connections to leading CCaaS and WFM solutions as well as HRIS solutions to automate data input and output.

(Pssst......if you are on the Genesys platform, you might be first on our list!)

2. Multi-skilling optimization and simulation

Looking for an easier way to optimize and blend queues to maximize productivity? Cinareo will be offering the ability to blend queues and multi-skill in order to further optimize resourcing and budget requirements. You will be able to assign work volume based on skillset or need and then see the effects on your resource requirements, service level and productivity. The software will even recommend the best combination of skills to achieve the optimal service level!

3. Historical actuals

Our clients and prospective customers have clearly indicated the importance of actuals and the ability to see over/under results. Cinareo will be enhanced to ingest historical actuals and provide variance to plan, along with the ability to ingest current headcount to determine monthly over/under with a direct link to a detailed Recruitment and Training Planner.

4. Multi-geo planning

Cinareo will soon be providing multi-location, bottoms-up planning capabilities to assign work volumes to specific geographies and sites. A dashboard will be available to allow you to layer plans within a multi-client environment to see summary views.

In addition to these larger improvements, we will also be launching a new user interface with a fresh new look, as well as new licensing features that allow for both restricted and full-access roles in order to provide expanded access to teams across your organization.


And as a bonus to our current customers using Cinareo, we are rolling out these enhancements as they are developed to everyone with an active subscription to Cinareo - so all our clients will be able to benefit from all the newest functionality at no additional cost!


Want to find out how Cinareo will help your organization? Book a free demo today!

Are you a workforce planner and want to be part of our user testing group? Contact us - we would love to meet with you to review new functionality as it is designed to get your feedback and input!


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