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Are there any benefits to hiring ahead of attrition?

Hiring ahead of attrition in a contact center can offer several benefits, helping to maintain operational efficiency and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Here are the top 10 advantages:

1. Continuous service levels

By hiring ahead of attrition, you can maintain consistent staffing levels and ensure that service levels are not compromised. This is crucial for meeting customer expectations and providing timely support.

2. Reduced training gaps

Hiring proactively allows new hires to undergo training and gain experience before they are needed to handle peak call volumes or unexpected spikes in customer inquiries. This minimizes the risk of service disruptions due to inadequate training.

3. Improved employee satisfaction

Adequate staffing levels reduce the workload on existing employees, preventing burnout and stress. This can contribute to higher job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and a more positive work environment.

4. Enhanced quality of service

With a well-trained and adequately staffed team, employees can focus on providing high-quality customer service rather than being overwhelmed by a high volume of customer inquiries. This can lead to better customer interactions and improved overall service quality.

5. Cost savings

While there are upfront costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees – which are not insignificant - the long-term benefits may outweigh these costs. Lower attrition rates can lead to reduced recruitment and training expenses in the long run.

6. Flexibility and scalability

Proactive hiring provides the flexibility to scale up operations in response to increased demand or business growth. This adaptability is essential in a dynamic business environment where contact centers need to respond quickly to changing customer needs.

7. Minimized recruitment pressure

Hiring ahead of attrition allows for a more strategic and measured recruitment process. There is less pressure to quickly fill vacant positions, which can result in more thoughtful hiring decisions and the selection of candidates who are the best fit for the organization.

8. Knowledge Transfer and Succession Planning

A proactive hiring strategy facilitates knowledge transfer between experienced employees and new hires. This is particularly valuable in contact centers where product knowledge, process understanding, and customer service skills are essential. It also aids in succession planning by ensuring a pipeline of skilled employees.

9. Consistent Performance Metrics

Maintaining a stable workforce helps in achieving consistent performance metrics. Predictable staffing levels contribute to more accurate forecasting and planning, enabling the organization to set and meet performance goals more effectively.

10. Enhanced Employee Development

Having a surplus of staff allows for more time and resources to be dedicated to employee development and training, which can contribute to skill enhancement, career growth, and employee retention.

In summary, hiring ahead of attrition is a proactive approach that can lead to improved operational efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and a more sustainable and resilient contact center environment.


Cinareo offers you the ability to understand your specific costs for hiring ahead of attrition, which allows you to budget accordingly. It will also let you know how many people you need to hire each month for each specific queue or skill, when you need to start recruiting, when the training should start, and how many trainers you need.

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