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Case Studies

Real-world examples of capacity planning issues

View real-world examples of how Cinareo can help you be as accurate as possible in the determination of the workload and workforce, meet service level objectives, achieve optimal agent productivity, and maximize customer and employee satisfaction.

These case studies demonstrate how Cinareo can:


  • Reduce staffing challenges

  • Improve productivity and boost performance

  • Ensure you have the right number of agents


Case Study #1

The high cost of poor capacity planning and being 1% wrong

Is there a way to save significant money in your operating budget?

Image of a chart with a graph showing profit and loss

Case Study #2

How to give your staff a raise when you don't have the budget

Can I give my staff a raise without increasing operating expenses?

Photo of call center agents taking calls

Find out how Cinareo can help you address your own challenges in capacity planning.

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