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2022/2023 Roadmap of New Features

The Cinareo team has been working hard with clients and testers to determine how to enhance and improve our software to better meet the needs of our customers. We are constantly using feedback from our customers to help drive not only improvements, but also priorities in order to ensure our customer needs and requirements and being met to help them be successful.

Cinareo is designed to give you a simple and effective way to do capacity planning and financial analysis using a step-by-step wizard interface. We work hard to create an intuitive and engaging experience online, and provide you with the data you need to help you boost productivity and save money by streamlining your operating budget.

We have a 8-month roadmap of improvements we are developing so that you can benefit from features that will allow you to plan training and recruitment, determine your work volume (down to the 15-minute level) and agent requirements, and create forecasts not only for each fiscal year, but over several years to help long-range planning.

Here are 4 of the key enhancements within our roadmap:

1. New Hire Training and Recruitment Planner

A model that forecasts attrition and growth up to a year in advance by queue/skill. The model estimates how many people are likely to leave, the average rate of graduation to production, when recruits need to start training, and the salaries for new hires while in training.

2. Work Volume Intervals

A model that allows to determine work volume down to the 60- 30- or 15-minute interval for each day of the week, along with exceptions to months that might have different/seasonal operating times or volumes.

3. Excel upload and export

A model that allows for users to fill in a template for all their data and quickly and efficiently upload to the system to immediately generate their capacity plan and resource model, with ability to continue to perform “what if” scenario modelling.

4. Multi-year forecasting

A model that allows for users to build a 12-month forecasting plan or create a longer range forecast up to 3 years.

In addition to these larger improvements, we will also be implementing graphical summaries to visually represent your results, and the ability to determine unlimited “what-if” scenarios to help you model your ideal solution.

We are currently keeping the lower cost of our software available until all the enhancements have rolled out to allow our customers the opportunity to try out the software and lock in the lower price for as long as you continue using the software- and benefit from all these enhancements at no extra cost.

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