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Should you hire ahead of attrition?

Hiring ahead of attrition in a contact center is important because it helps maintain a consistent level of service and performance, even in the face of employee turnover.

When a contact center experiences attrition, it can take time to find and train new employees to replace those who have left. This can result in a temporary decrease in service levels, longer wait times for customers, and decreased employee morale.

By hiring ahead of attrition, a contact center can proactively manage its workforce and ensure that it has enough staff to maintain consistent service levels, even when employees leave. This approach helps to minimize the impact of attrition on service and performance, and ensures that the contact center is always operating at peak efficiency.

In addition to maintaining consistent service levels, hiring ahead of attrition can also have other benefits, such as:

  • reducing the cost and time associated with recruiting and training new employees;


  • improve employee morale and engagement, as it signals to employees that the contact center is committed to their success and growth.

How to hire ahead of attrition

Hiring ahead of attrition in contact centers is a proactive approach to ensure that there is always enough staff to handle customer inquiries and support needs. Cinareo allows you to quickly and easily determine both the impact and the costs associated with hiring ahead of attrition.

The process typically involves the following 7 steps:

1. Analyze historical data: Review historical data on attrition rates, hiring patterns, and seasonal fluctuations in call volume.

2. Forecast future demand: Using Cinareo, forecast future call volume, attrition rates, and other factors that could affect staffing needs.

3. Determine hiring needs and costs: Generate a forecast within Cinareo based on your data from #2, and review the calculated number of agents needed to maintain adequate coverage, accounting for factors such as training time and ramp-up period for new hires. You will also be able to budget for the costs for hiring ahead of attrition.

4. Recruit and hire: Launch recruitment campaigns to attract and hire new agents based on the calculations within Cinareo’s Recruitment and Training Planner.

Image of Training and Recruitment Planner

This will tell you not only how many agents you need to hire, but when to start recruitment, when training needs to start, and how many trainers you will need.

5. Provide training: Once new agents are hired, provide comprehensive training to ensure they are well-equipped to handle customer inquiries and support needs.

6. Monitor performance: Monitor the performance of new hires to ensure they are meeting the expected standards and adjust training and coaching as needed. Use Cinareo to create on-the-fly scenarios to see how your service targets are affected based on changes to your training program or new attrition rates.

7. Maintain staffing levels: Regularly review and adjust your forecast within Cinareo based on changing call volume and attrition rates to ensure that staffing levels remain optimal for providing excellent customer service.

By following these steps, contact centers can proactively manage staffing levels to ensure adequate coverage and avoid service disruptions caused by unexpected attrition.

Overall, hiring ahead of attrition is an important strategy for contact centers to manage their workforce and maintain consistent service levels. By taking a proactive approach to hiring and workforce planning, contact centers can reduce the impact of attrition on their operations and create a positive and supportive work environment for employees.

Find out how Cinareo can guide your decision-making for hiring ahead of attrition in order to maximize your profitability and boosting employee performance and satisfaction.


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