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Tired of using spreadsheets for capacity planning?

Save time and money by doing capacity planning online.

Cinareo is a step-by-step wizard that creates an optimal capacity plan and operating budget for your contact center - along with a Recruitment and Training Planner, too!

Unlock the keys to contact center success with Cinareo’s latest thought leadership paper, "Mastering the Art of Capacity Planning in Multi-Channel, Multi-Skill Contact Centers" by Dr. Mark Alpern  Download the white paper - APRIL 2024

Cinareo provides contact centers with workforce insights that complement ANY workforce management platform, including:




Provides multi-skilled contact centers and back-office operations with up to 3 years of advance planning

Key performance metrics

Provides insights into the key performance indicators that matter most to operations and finance management.

Detailed financial budgets

Create budgets that include both agent and support staff costs, overtime, and hiring ahead of attrition.

Recruitment & training

Allows you to plan for how many to hire and when, for what queue or skill and the number of trainers needed.

Multiple scenario modelling

Enables assessment of benefits and impact on capacity, staff, and budget to help make informed decisions.

Support staff planning

Calculate the optimal number of support staff to agents, including supervisors, QA analysts, trainers, and more.

Cinareo reduces my time commitment by
50-75% per model compared to using Excel!

- Bill Gosling Outsourcing (BPO)

Build a baseline forecast and create different scenarios

quickly and easily

Modify any data points to analyze the impact on staffing and budget in a multi-year period.

Drill down and view a monthly or daily forecast and review requirements on a queue-by-queue basis based on your work arrival pattern.

Easily export or print the information you need as data or access graphical summaries for reports or presentations.

Take the guesswork out of recruitment and training by finding out how many people you need to hire, and when, along with the number of trainers you need (and all other support staff).

Example of an annual report with two scenarios


Cinareo will let you quickly determine ways you can avoid layoffs, maintain your service levels and absorb any budget cuts to still meet customer demand.


Cinareo will optimize the number of agents and support staff needed to meet your customer demand and provide options to keep within your budget.


Cinareo will help you improve productivity and boost agent performance to reduce turnover and tell you the costs of hiring ahead of attrition.

No more formulas to worry about or complex calculations to figure out.

It is all done for you.


Get it right the first time.

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