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Our Partners

Delivering innovative solutions through collaboration

Partnerships make you stronger.


We believe that working together and collaborating with other leading companies that offer innovative and valuable solutions only makes things better.  We are happy to be able to join other platforms to create even more value for shared customers.


Learn more about our partners and their offerings below.  If you are interested in partnering with us to offer greater value to your own clients, we would be happy to chat - contact us for a discussion.


We are partnering with Genesys to offer Cinareo through the App Foundry and provide customers with automated data import and export to create optimize capacity plans, operating budgets and training & recruitment plans.


Avaya (Coming Soon)

Customers at Avaya will soon be able to find Cinareo in the DevConnect marketplace to use Cinareo's robust capacity planning capabilities in their contact center to optimize their workforce.


As part of the curriculum, WFM elearning is providing free trials of Cinareo to their students as part of their training package.  Learn about workforce management and expand your skills and capabilities.


Cinareo is partnering with ProcedureFlow to provide an all-in-one solution for both determining the number of people you need, and giving them an innovative training and knowledge base environment to be successful.


ArenaCX serves organizations looking for outsourcing solutions, contact center services, hardware, software (including Cinareo) - along with providing the experts to implement them.

Find out how Cinareo can help you address your own challenges in capacity planning.

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